This Domain Is For Sale

Dear Valued Customers:

Thank you for your interest in

I have decided to take my business in a different direction and am selling my domain name

Estibot says this domain name is worth $340.00. Here is a screenshot of the estibot appraisal:

And, a similar domain is listed for sale for $19,095. Here is the link.

I want to go ahead and liquidate this domain name quickly so I'm willing to sell it at a greatly discounted price. I will accept the first offer of $170.00 for the domain name. As a bonus I can install a simple Wordpress website and throw in one month of hosting for free(You can take your time to find a good hosting company if you need).

If you are interested in owning for your business please email me at -- but you need to hurry...

I am also contacting other car related business owners who use the keywords Victor Cars/Car on their websites. There is only ONE domain in existance and someone is going to own it at a fraction of its true value. The first person to contact me with the $170.00 will own

Thank your for your business and your support,

Jueyyan Wu

For your reference: Some benefits of owning this domain:

1. is highly brandable, easy to read, remember and advertise. You can easily build a brand on this name.

2. Victor is also a popular first name, it's a perfect domain name for anyone who's name is Victor and wants to start his car related business.

3. Victor is also a city name of America. Any car dealer in this city should own this perfect name.

4. If you are a car related business owner, most likely, you already have a website for your practice, but wouldn't it be nice to own a 2nd website that brings you even more business?(Redirect this domain to your main website)

5. Adding another website to your marketing is like having an extra billboard or an extra newspaper ad... and it works for you 24 hours a day.